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Wynn's Gear oil treatment with stop leak

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Wynn's Gear Oil Treatment is a manual gearbox treatment which improves
gear shifting, lowers gearbox noise and stops oil leaks.



• Improves anti-friction and anti-wear properties.
• Reduces wear caused by metal-to-metal contact (reinforces E.P.
additives in gearbox oils).
• Eases shifting.
• Provides a hydrodynamic lubrication, also under high charges and at
high temperature.
• Prevents and reduces vibration noises of gears and bearings.
• Lowers cold temperature viscosity to provide immediate lubrication
at cold start.
• Stops and prevents oil leaks.
• Compatible with all synthetic and mineral based gearbox oils (also
ATF Dexron, Mercon) and hydraulic fluids.



• For steering gears, manual gearboxes and differentials.
• Do not use this product in automatic transmissions.



• One tube of 125 ml treats 2 litres of gearbox oil.


Technical Data

Appearance: Yellow viscous liquid
Density at 15°C: 0,9188 kg/dm³
Viscosity at 40°C: 580 mm²/s
Viscosity at 100°C: 74 mm² 
Flash Point: >150°C