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Motion CFT-003 rugged diagnostic tablet all makes, dpf regen epb reset tpms new


Brand new Motion CFT-003 rugged tablet set up for diagnostics on all makes and models!!

These tablets were designed for use in hospitals, they have a strong sturdy but lightweight construction to make them super portable, ergonomic and able to withstand working in a harsh environment for a PC. With a magnesium alloy internal frame and fully sealed outer unit they really are a great rugged tablet. Since they were designed for the tough environment of a hospital they are great for a workshop too! Thin, light, fast and durable! With a USB 3.0 port and Gorilla glass intel display.

It measures approx 25cm x 25cm x 2.5cm (as i say approx may be a couple of mm's either way) and has a great built in handle so ideal for carrying around doing diag etc

Great for garages to use as a diagnostic machine or any sort of environment that a normal laptop couldn't survive in.

or great for a first computer or one for a special needs person or elderly or someone who drops their laptops a lot, here's one they can drop and are a lot less likely to cause any damage, just pick up and carry on using!

Fantastic bit of kit with lots of brilliant and invaluable software on it.

This package includes :
  1. The main unit itself, a new Motion rugged tablet CFT-003
  2. New mains power lead 
  3. New Accessories including cleaning cloth and lanyard for digitizer pen
  4. New Digitizer pen
  5. Diagnostic interface / VCI  for plugging the laptop into all makes and models. 
  6. New renault lotus carry case
  7. New endoscope/borescope camera
  8. Microsoft software package installed including a word processor, spreadsheet software and more so you can do your accounts with the spreadsheet and write up technical reports with the word processor etc
  9. Diagnostic software - please note this is the 2016 version so will work fully on all models up to approx 2015, some up to 2016 and some models only up to 2013 for more advanced stuff like dpf regens, epb resets etc, but will still read fault codes and live data and erase fault codes from engine control modules up to present day!!!!!!
  10. Autodata software up to 2011 for all makes and models, if you know what this is then you will know how good it is, if not then see below for more information at the end of the description
  11. Radio code calculator software for various makes and models
  12. Suzuki Jimny jeep workshop manuals
  13. Honda accord workshop manuals
  14. General training on OBD2 and diagnosis


More information on the diagnostic software installed on this laptop and what you can do with it:

This is a brilliant bit of software used by the trade professionals and hobbyists alike!

On all makes and models up to present day you can communicate with the engine control unit and read and erase fault codes and read live data from all the sensors.

On all makes and models up to approx 2016 model year (2013 on a small number of vehicles) You can use this to communicate with all systems, ie, engine, auto gearbox, abs brakes, electronic parking brakes, electric power steering, air conditioning, BSI body control units, airbags, instrument clusters, immobiliser, central locking, navigation, radio, battery regulation, xenon lights, convertible roof and many more

you can:

  • read fault codes, 
  • erase fault codes
  • save fault codes and print off a full vehicle scan
  • view live data such as if you are looking at live data from engine control unit - you can see all signals from sensors ie coolant temp sender, air mass meter reading, misfire recognition on individual cylinders etc etc etc, if you are looking at live data from the alarm/convenience system then you can see what readings each individual lock is showing ie open/closed/deadlocked and what the last 4 alarm triggers were to pin point faults in an alarm system and much much more, if you are in the abs you can see individual readings from each wheel speed sensor etc and much much more
  • carry out adaptions, ie if you have replaced parts or control units one and need to re-programme them. or you have removed the steering wheel to do wheel alignment and need to re-calibrate the steering angle sender etc.
  • reset service light indicators on the dash.
  • Adjust mileage to match the original dash if you replace it with a new one on certain makes/models
  • Carry out DPF regenerations
  • Put EPB (electronic parking brake) into service mode to replace brake pads on EPB calipers
  • operate systems directly from the laptop ie switch on radiator fan so you can test it or make the speedo/dash dials sweep so you can reset them if one has got stuck
  • code control units
  • and so much more.
More information about the autodata software installed in this laptop:

If you know what this is or have used it before then you know how great it is, if not then i cannot stress how amazing this software is and how much you will love it and come to depend on it!

This has the information for all models in the following brands from 1959-2011:

  • alfa romeo
  • austin
  • bedford
  • BMW
  • cadillac
  • chevrolet
  • chrysler
  • citroen
  • dacia
  • daewoo
  • daihatsu
  • fiat
  • ford
  • honda
  • hyundai
  • isuzu
  • iveco
  • jaguar
  • jeep
  • kia
  • landrover
  • ldv
  • lexus
  • mazda
  • mercedes benz
  • MG
  • mini
  • mitsubishi
  • nissan
  • opel
  • peugeot
  • proton
  • renault
  • rover
  • saab
  • seat
  • skoda
  • smart car
  • ssangyong
  • subaru
  • suzuki
  • tata
  • toyota
  • vauxhall
  • volvo
  • volkswagen
  • and a few more lesser known car companies

It has:

  • known fixes and bulletins - basically common problems, what the symptoms are, what the cause is and how to fix it!!!!! very usefulll!!!!!
  • technical data - everything from wheel nut torque settings to grade of oil to head bolt tightening sequence and torque settings to type of atf used to spark plug gap tofiring order etc etc etc everything you need to know to work on the car
  • Repair times - book times for most jobs on the vehicle so if you are using this in the trade you can quote accurately, if you are using this as a hobbyist you can look at the book time before you start a job to gauge the complexity on how long it takes to see if its a job you want to take on yourself or leave to the garage!
  • Wheel alignment data
  • tyre sizes and pressure data
  • timing belt information - everything you need to know, how oft6en they need to be changed, book time for changing, what special tools are required and full step by step instructions on how to replace and set up
  • timing chain information - everything you need to know, how oft6en they need to be changed, book time for changing, what special tools are required and full step by step instructions on how to replace and set up
  • service schedules - creates a full check sheet to carry out servicing according to and following manufacturers procedures
  • service indicator reset procedures
  • service illustrations - handy diagrams showing where things like jacking points and gearbox drain/refill plugs are, drive belt routing diagrams if you are replacing a belt and cant figure out how to get it back on, pollen filter location diagrams, a/c service connector locations
  • Electronic parking brake procedures
  • Battery disconnection procedures - can be crucial on some vehicles, ie certain vehicles if you leave the key in the ignition when you replace the battery it can wipe the key coding and cost you a fortune in callout for a mobile locksmith to recode the key or it won't start the car
  • key programming procedures for some vehicles
  • guided diagnostics to help you diagnose step by step
  • lists of diagnostic fault codes so you can look up a code and find out what it means and what the possible causes are
  • engine management component testing procedures/ how to guides
  • engine management pin data
  • engine management trouble shooter
  • airbag information such as wiring diagrams, fault code info and possible causes, procedures for replacing etc
  • abs information such as component testing how to guides, wiring diagrams, component locations
  • A/C information such as system pressure diagnosis guides, system info, wiring diagrams, component locations etc
  • component locations throughout the car ( a map of control units/ sensors etc)
  • wiring diagrams for all systems
  • quote generator to quote customers for parts and labour