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Hints & Tips

  • Many motorists only ever rely on their remote keyfobs to open the vehicle, in this case if the battery dies in the remote then the vehicle must be unlocked by manually inserting the key into the lock. However if the lock has never been used it can potentially seize up causing the key to snap off in the barrel. To avoid a potentially expensive repair HUNT4VWPARTS.CO.UK recommend manually unlocking the vehicle from time to time to keep the lock mechanism free.



  • These days we all seem to be looking for ways to economise and one easy way is to check your tyre pressures once a month, incorrect tyre pressures will not only increase tyre wear in the long term costing more, in the short term it can dramatically affect your fuel economy. Correct tyre pressures will also give better handling and optimise performance! 



More Hints & Tips coming soon!